BoJack Horseman’s season 4 release date revealed

12 Jul

BoJack Horseman is coming back to Netflix with its fourth season on September 8.

The release date was revealed on the show’s Twitter account, and it has been retweeted by stars Will Arnett and Aaron Paul.

Netflix has confirmed that the main characters will be coming back, including Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris), Diane (Alison Brie), Todd (Aaron Paul), and Mr Peanut Butter (Paul F. Tompkins).

Last season ended with (spoiler alert) BoJack’s prized Oscar nomination being taken away, leading to a fatal drug-fueled bender with Sarah Lynn and the horse’s escape from a new television show.

Arnett, who plays the title character, told NME about the show’s focus on depression and mental health issues: “Life happens in these frantic, whirlwind-y episodes – a lot of things happen at once and then you’re left in the wake of all that. You’re just trying to make sense of what just happened. That happens a lot in BoJack, and that happens to me. I find myself very affected by it.”