Mark Zuckerberg Orders Facebook Execs to Use Android after Tim Cook’s Diss

mark zuckerberg facebook
14 Nov

In the latest Silicon Valley feud, Mark Zuckerberg has ordered Facebook executives to use only Android phones after Apple CEO Tim Cook criticised the social media giant, according to a new report from The New York Times.

The two CEOs have traded barbs over the years. In an interview with MSNBC earlier this year, Cook criticised Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which saw private data from 50 million Facebook users stolen.

“We’re not going to traffic in your personal life,” said Cook. “Privacy to us is a human right. It’s a civil liberty.”

Zuckerberg called the criticism “extremely glib” and “not at all aligned with the truth”. The New York Times reported, “Mr. Cook’s criticisms infuriated Mr. Zuckerberg, who later ordered his management team to use only Android phones, since the operating system has far more users than Apple’s.”

In addition to prohibiting the use of Apple products, Facebook reportedly hired public affairs company Definers, whose affiliate staffers published negative articles on Apple. One story downplayed the impact of Russian presence on Facebook, while another described Cook as “hypocritical”, as Apple also collects user data.

The article is a fantastic writeup on Facebook, misinformation and the culture of tech companies – check it out here.