Pokemon Go gets a summer update, including remodelled Gyms and multiplayer battle

20 Jun

Has it been a while since you played Pokemon Go? Well, expect to get back at it soon.

While the game’s achievement has been spectacular – over 750 million downloads and 65 million monthly players – developer Niantic is not done with it yet. Pokemon Go is getting a major summer update with more social features and upgraded in-game Gyms.

An option for multiplayer cooperative raid battle will be available, encouraging users back outdoors and have a more social experience. The raid will allow up to 20 players to team up and combat rare bosses at gyms. Winning will give you a chance to capture the Pokemon.

The Gyms also gets the much-desired updates: now only one of each Pokemon will be allowed to fight, with six slots available.

Finally, new items will be introduced such as rare candy (to evolve any Pokemon), Fast TMs and Charged TMs (to permanently teach Pokemon new attacks).

Will it be enough to get you and me off the couch – again? We shall see soon.

Sources: TechCrunch, The Verge