Samsung announces plan to sell refurbished Note 7

27 Mar

Remember Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – you know, the phone that kept exploding for some reason? Well, Samsung has announced its plan to sell the refurbished version.

After the Note 7 global recall in September and the permanent scrapping of the production in October, the phone company said the existing devices will be released in a refurbished form due to environmental concerns.

The markets and release dates are still to be confirmed, pending consultations with relevant authorities and carriers as well as consideration of local demand.

The announcement follows protests from environmental groups such as Greenpeace, who demand Samsung to recycle the recalled phones.

“The average smartphone in the US is used for about two years, and added to growing piles of e-waste around the world,” said Jude Lee, global senior campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia. “This is simply not sustainable. Samsung and other IT companies such as Apple should manufacture phones that are easy to repair, refurbish, and upgrade.”

In January, Samsung revealed that the Note 7’s explosions were caused by battery design failure in the first batch and manufacturing defect in the second one.