The Rise of Drones – in Construction Industry

05 Jun

Drones. You’ve seen them everywhere by now. All over social media, these little tiny flying machines have revolutionised the way we use technology. But what can drones do when it comes down to big jobs like construction? Can these small pieces of machinery do more than just fly around? Steve Rhine from Machinery Zone Mag, tells us how they have made a substantial contribution towards the construction industry.

“We usually think of drones as flying camera”, says Rhine.

“Even before projects begin, drones simplify the task of surveyors, mapping the land far more efficiently than previously possible, communicating directly with building information modelling programs.”

“They are used to inspect hard to access places, such as chimneys stacks or rooftops, to check on maintenance needs, or to assess damage where safety is an issue, such as in building partially collapsed by earthquake or explosion.”

Across the globe, drones have also been used to help check up on progress and providing an overview of large sites.

In France Vinci: drones are used in quarries for topographical surveys and measuring reserves and to get close to high voltage power lines for inspections.

In the USA:  Bechtel has teamed up with drone manufacturer Skycatch to exploit the technology for project management.

In New Zealand: the national transport agency has used drones to monitor the extent of vegetation overgrowth in preparation for a gully restoration program.

Hong Kong’s Electrical & Mechanical Services Department uses drones to check its gas pipes for leaks.


Completely sourced from: Machinery Zone Mag