Things to do this winter break

02 Jun

Still had an empty calendar for June-July? Here are a few activities you can do to make the upcoming winter break more fun (and productive, maybe).

Go on Day Trips

Take full advantage of the dipping temperatures by going to Tasmania, or escape the winter chills to places like Cairns or Marcoola.


Take Courses

If you’ve been wanting to take drama courses, make your own website or learn a new language, this is the perfect time. Try activities that take place under the roof if you prefer to stay warm and toasty, or challenge yourself with outdoor activities such as skiing, ice skating or winter swimming. Don’t feel like leaving your room? We get that feeling – go for online courses, and you can stay productive under the blanket!


Start a Project

Your Raspberry Pis and Soundcloud tracks aren’t gonna finish themselves. Winter break is the perfect time to get in that headspace and continue your work without any distractions.



Give house-cleaning your undivided attention this holiday. Sweep and wipe things and spaces that you barely clean any other time of the year, including but not limited to the ceiling, microwaves and fridges. Take out the clothes you don’t wear anymore, and sell them online or donate them to your local op-shop.


Try New Recipes

If you usually depend on sandwiches and takeouts, it’s time to upgrade your meal game. It doesn’t have to be drastic, Gordon Ramsay-level of mastery cooking – start simple with stirfry and go from there.



Donate your time and energy to a good cause, be it a pet rescue, a political party, or a blood donor party.