Upgrading Your Home Office

13 Nov

With the rise of freelancing and gig economy, working from home has become a more viable option to build and sustain your career. However, the home environment is sometimes unsupportive or even distracting from getting your work done. Here are a few ways to upgrade your workspace for the ultimate comfort and productivity.

Cover the Basics

Find a space you can dedicate to work, and start with the essential building units: a desk, a chair, a computer with appropriate specs, organisers and storage, stationeries, office printers and waste baskets. This list may vary depending on the nature of your work as well as your preferences. We also recommend following ergonomic rules (e.g. keeping your screen at eye level) and investing in ergonomic items (adjustable chair, computer stand) – if you’re going to be working for a long time, might as well get comfortable and protect your posture.


Embrace the Lights

Dark, damp spaces don’t exactly make the best working environment. Natural daylight has been associated with better performance, health and wellbeing. Open the windows to let the sun in – if it’s still not sufficient, table lamps can also help in brightening the space as well as making it warmer and more inviting.


Remove Clutter

Old papers and bills, a malfunctioning mouse, broken cables – whatever that does not serve its purpose should be removed to make space. The saying “cleaner space, clearer mind” is not merely a platitude – science has proven that a cluttered environment can make you more easily distracted.