Would rather drink beer than work? This job’s for you

16 Nov

Getting off work early to grab a beer won’t generally impress your boss – but in this newly advertised job, it’s exactly what you’re supposed to do.

“Are you an avid bar and beer selfie poster? Are you more likely to know where to meet for a beer, than where your next work meeting is? Do you specialise in time away from your desk, enjoying the very best that Sydney has to offer?” the ad asked.

“If the answer is a big fat YES to these questions, we want YOU!”

Sydney Beer Co is looking for a Chief Clock-Off Officer (CCOO), whose responsibilities include leading a movement “that actively encourages Sydneysiders finish work earlier each day to enjoy a beer with friends”. This CCOO will also have to visit as many iconic pubs in Sydney as possible each week to build relationship with the venues – and perhaps sneak in a cheeky drink sesh.

“Either highly self-motivated, or motivated by free beer, you’ll take enormous pride helping people enjoy ‘Sydney Time’ this summer,” said the ad.

Matt Siely, co-founder of the beverage brand said the team is ready to find a “work-life balance crusader” to promote the company’s ‘Sydney Time’ initiative.

Interested candidates can submit their application to the company.