The real Instagram filter

24 Sep

Everyone follows their ‘ideals’ on Instagram; ideal makeup, ideal body, ideal ‘look’, ideal lifestyle, ideal food etc. but how much of what those accounts experience do we really want to live through? Instagram, like any other social media, allows anyone to pick, prune, correct any part of their life before uploading it for the world to see. Influencers was not an actual career until the millennial generation made it so through social media and brands all over the world saw the unmistakable pros of employing these heavily influential people to market their products and services.

But how much of your favourite beauty blogger’s life do you want to experience? How much of your favourite globetrotter’s travels do you really want to undertake? Sure it’s would be great travelling to all the major cities because you were invited to all the fashion weeks but do you really want to from from Australia to Pais to New York to London to Milani n the span of a few short weeks with most of your down time spent waiting for the next flight?  Do you really want to keep track of every makeup brand’s PR packages to make sure you test out all the products, market them as needed AND manage to not break out in between?

And let’s not forget how most of these influencers started, most worked or still working their day jobs and using their income to fuel their side passions, exercising what has been coined as ‘the hustle’. Big travellers first started off saving hard and budgeting their first trips, moving in with parents all to just see the world, after which they happen to get contracted to actually go places for money. Others have scrounged their money together to get those key pieces that make other people look at their final outfit up and down with a ‘really?’ etched clearly on their face, posting it on instagram and maybe months later, a few like minded individuals following and spread the word as they gain digital traction. And the ‘#bodygoals’ yogis and pole dancers have definitely worked their butts off (pun intended) to manage those biology defying moves they happily snap for us to gawk at.

What is substantial is rarely gained easily, and with social media allowing the careful pruning of our online lives at a finger swipe, we have to be more and more conscious of that fact. Those lives are not impossible, but they  are definitely not all that they seem.